Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Outdoor Gym

While going for a walk last Sunday, we thought we saw a children's play area from a distance. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was an outdoor gym! I had never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world! Surrounded by shady trees, you could have an open-air workout on a step machine, rowing machine, shoulder press, cross trainer and several other fitness machines that you would normally find in a gym!

We tried out each of the machines. It was so nice to do some exercise outside in the fresh air, surrounded by nature. My favourite machine was the cross trainer - I felt as if I was gliding on air!

There is a children's play area nearby, too, so that the kids can play while you have a workout! It was a great place - we'll definitely be back!

You can see pictures of the outdoor gym equipment we used on the Forpark Australia website. I suppose that they are installed in other parks in Australia too. It is truly an excellent idea!


Duni said...

That's amazing - and lucky you!
Unfortunately, an outdoor gym would never work here (too much rain)!

wishing you a lovely day,


Roz Andrews said...

Hi Duni

Thanks for visiting. Yes, it's a shame that the weather would mean that an outdoor gym isn't a good idea in Northern Europe.

Hope that you are getting a little autumn sunshine in Germany,